Luke's room

I guess I can't call it a nursery anymore, but I finally got Luke's room pulled together. 
All that's missing is a dresser, which I'm searching thrift stores for.
 I have big plans to re-do something, I just need the right piece. 

You can see my inspiration board here. I kept a lot of those elements, and some I changed.
I really like the way it turned out, which is good, because we spend a lot of time playing in here.
sorry about the terrible lighting.
There's just that small window, and it doesn't let in much natural light because it's right under a deck.
 Which is great for nap time, but not so great for pictures.
raccoon, fox & goose trio
homestead print
photo of Jesus// gift from my grandmother

triangle quilt
teepee// handmade by me
mobile // the little tiny
sleepy fox emboridery pattern turned pillow// handmade by me
tribal pillow// handmade by me
ikea sheepskin rug
horseshoe + photo of my grandfather
vintage wine box // thrifted, and my dad added casters on the bottom
(luke thinks it's a car he can sit in)
frog // melissa and doug
blocks // uncle goose
and sophie, of course

arrows // hobby lobby
deer painting // Travis' from his boyhood
steer head // hobby lobby


  1. Love it! So cute and boy like :)

  2. His room is AMAZING! I need you to come help me decorate whenever we move into a place where my baby will actually have a room! Haha. I LOVE the teepee! And that fox pillow is so cute! You are so talented! :]


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