five fact friday

1. One of my best friend came into town to visit this weekend. It was nice having a friend around

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2. We found out that tandem swinging makes Luke nervous. 
He clings like a little monkey.

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3. I had a dental cleaning this week. While it was weird not having my mom do the cleaning,
it was also awesome because I like getting praised for having excellent teeth (lovely is the word the dentist used).
#dentistsdaughter #nocavities #whyamihashtagginginreallife
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4. We visited the Amish again. 
These vintage dolls almost makes me want a little girl.
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5. I sort of never want to get back in the car again after this week of driving.
My bum is still sore.
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  1. I want to visit the Amish someday. You always end up with pictures of such cool, fun stuff! Just another reason for Race and I to move to Indiana! Haha.

  2. Alright girlfriend!! Proud of you! Your periodontal charting is awesome! Keep flossing those chompers!

  3. i'm not gonna lie, those vintage dolls kind of freaked me out.
    p.s. im going to the dentist next week and im already nauseated about it. its been 5 years since i last went, oopsie :)


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