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Once upon a time, I had a tiny man child to cuddle. I loved those early days that blurred into nights, and I spent way too much time watching crappy day time television or late night infomercials (and by watching I mean on in the background, because we all know I was too busy memorizing his little face). It's hard to keep track of things when you're bleary eyed with sleep. Have I showered yet today? Which side did he nurse from last? How long can I sleep on spit up coated sheets before it becomes just too gross? (answer: longer than you think, especially if you just lay a towel over it)

Something I especially found difficult to keep track of were the burp cloths. I already told you about my favorite burp cloths. The only problem is that they all look the same, and we had to submit to the sniff test to see which ones were clean and which were soured from soaking up a geyser of breast milk and a fountain of spit up. Gross. Instead, a teacher I worked with gave me the idea to sew some pretty fabric on them. Problem solved. I could remember I was using the grey striped one, even if I couldn't remember to shower.

One of my close friends had a baby boy this week, and I made her a few cloths to help her through those foggy days. This is something anyone can do- it's the perfect project for young girls just starting to learn to sew too. Here's how:

you need:
pack of gerber cloth diapers (or other burp cloth of your choice)
soft cotton or flannel fabrics
rotary cutter/ mat
sewing machine


Measure the center fold of your cloth. If you're using these same ones,  it measures 19"x4", so you will need to cut fabric of that size (but don't forget to increase for your seam allowances).


Iron your fabric edges under 1/4", and then pin to your burp cloth. Sew the fabric down in a rectangle. 
Trim threads, and you're done!  Each one takes about 5 minutes to make. Bundle a few together for a quick and easy gift (inexpensive too!).

sidenote- these do shrink in the wash and get delightfully crinkly and softer. Sewing the fabric on helps them to not shrink as much.


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  1. So cute and so smart! Those are the same kind of burp cloths my mom always used with us growing up so I'm sure they'll be my favorites as well! :]


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