yesterday was what we called a "beet juice day" in my family. you know, the kind of day where nothing really seems overly terrible, but you put it all together, and line it all up with that time of the month, and you just can't help the tears from spilling. A beet juice day.

when my mom and dad were dating, or engaged, who even remembers any more, she was making him a nice dinner. And for some reason she put beets in a blender (what the heck were you making, mom?) and forgot to put the top on. My dad was in the other room, and when he heard the commotion, he walked into the kitchen to find my mom sobbing, with beet juice all over her and the walls, and all she could get out was "the beet juice! the beet juice!" And so that man held her while he cried, and then he cleaned up and probably fed her too. Because on beet juice days, you just need to cry, dang it.

and so yesterday, after a million things had gone wrong, terrible cramps (and I meant to blog, really I did!), and maybe I very nearly burned dinner, I stuck my son in the bath. and turned around, and turned back, and that little rascal pooped in the tub for the second time in a week (and his life), and there they were. my beet juice tears.

and then that man that I married walked into the bathroom, and whispered, "beet juice day?" and I nodded and sobbed into his chest. And wouldn't you know it if he didn't clean out the tub, re-bathe our son, and do all the dishes. AND made me delicious chocolate chip cookies while we watched the bachelorette.

I love him


  1. I love that you have a name for days like that. Just last night I was talking to my husband and before we started talking I told him that I may start crying while we talked because its that time of the month and to just not worry about it. And sure enough, 5 minutes in, I'm sobbing like a baby for no reason. Husbands are just awesome, aren't they? Saints for putting up with us, I daresay.

  2. That's just precious...those cookies look fabulous.

  3. totally had a beet juice day. totally cured with chocolate and chick flicks.

  4. I was opening a can of beets, the pressure inside of the can sent the juice flying all over the kitchen at Grandma's house. Grandma was at work and since I was there, I figured I would make dinner for everyone. Dad was my hero that day. That is another reason I married him! He has a big chest and broad shoulders to hold me when I cry.
    Sorry for your "beet juice" day, but really glad you married a wonderful man!

  5. Okay...you had a bad day. But this post was really awesome. I enjoyed reading every word. I'm sorry you had a bad day :'( But it makes you appreciate the good ones, right?

    New follower here. And I'm excited.

    ♥ xoxo.
    we & serendipity

    1. Thank you so much! Your comment made my day. And you're right- the bad days make the good ones so much sweeter. Glad to have you along! (I usually respond via email, but your account isn't linked! Hope you get to see this)


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