tutorial: neon pots

I bought plants this week. Usually I start my herbs from seed, but this year I'm getting a late start.
 So thanks Lowes for growing my plants for me. I bought sweet basil, chocolate mint (it grows wild by my
 grandmother's house and we always make it into tea), and cilantro. And a few succulents, of course. 

I decided since I wasn't putting the work into growing little seedlings, I might as well spice up my terracotta pots.
And what better way than neon? You can use any type of paint you like, just make sure it is permanent/won't wash
off when you water your plants.
This isn't even a real tutorial because it's so simple.
you need:
neon paints
paint brush

easy peasy.
confession: I didn't even wait for the paint to fully dry to pot my plants.
Luckily I didn't smudge anything!

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