five fact friday

1. I lost one of my very favorite anthro earrings at my sister in law's over the weekend. 
And they're not even selling the same ones anymore. How rude of you anthropologie.

2. I started writing this post and our power went out.
We had a pretty heavy thunderstorm that lasted about an hour and a half (the power stayed off for 5).
 The winds approached tornado speed, and we saw quite a few trees toppled onto cars.

3. I hung up this old picture of my grandpa in Luke's room this week.
 Every time he walks in there, he points and makes barking noises. Close kid, close.

4. Exciting things: My birthday is on Thursday and...
5. My parents are coming tomorrow!! 
(although everyone knows, they're really only excited to see the little man. I guess I can't blame them!)

(in case you were wondering, he looks concerned because I gave him his first Popsicle. Which he didn't eat, by the way, because it tastes like fruit- something he is currently avoiding like the plague).


  1. how sad to lose anthro earrings :( and how could he not LOVE popsicles? haha too funny!

  2. Two things: 1) totally just saw your blog--so cute! How do you make it all cutesy? I'm mid blog make over right now. 2) can I steal your idea for five fact Friday? I love it. Great for all owe random things during the week.

  3. Avoiding fruit like the plague?! What??? I can't imagine that kind of life. Haha. And I love that he barks at that picture. So funny! Also, that earring story is the worst. Especially since those earrings are gorgeous!


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