father's day

We celebrated yesterday since our dad is leaving town on business today.
It was nice to have a day to spoil him a little bit.

One of my favorite things is watching my boys together. They have such a special bond. Luke runs around all day looking for his dad, and as soon as he hears the garage door opens, he drops what he is doing and books it to the door. He sings about his dad while he plays "a daaaaDA DAD DAD DA'EE. A da'ee, a da'ee". He brings me his play phone and says, "a dad? peese? dad?"
Luke follows his daddy everywhere. There's a German phrase my dad used to use to describe this- a hosenknöpfe, which literally means your "pants button" but figuratively means a little shadow/follower. And that's our boy- his daddy's little hosenknöpfe.

how perfect and awesome is this card??


  1. This is so cute! Plus I learned some German, haha! Thank you for sharing. I am utterly jealous of that card!

    Katlyn xo
    The Dreamy Meadow

  2. So cute and super sweet. What a fun card. LOVE that little German reference.

  3. Baha! I love the card! And seriously, I can't wait to see how Race is with our little lady. I'm sure she will be a daddy's girl! I can't wait for her to say Daddy and to be excited to see him! Also, I think you should record Luke's little daddy song sometime! It sounds HILARIOUS!


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