a triangle quilt

a triangle quilt / herthreadedneedle

I made a quilt, huzzah! I was inspired by this, and thought it would make a perfect addition to Luke's nursery. While I was in Denver, I enlisted the help of my Kippy-mom, master quilter extraordinaire, and she helped me figure this sucker out. We didn't have a pattern, so at first I tried to sketch out my own. We cut out all the parallelograms (as triangles)...and they didn't match up when you tried to put them in a row. Oops. So we wised up and bought a triangle template and re-cut all these triangles. I loved this project, and I'm in love with how it turned out. I'll definitely be making another one.

It's not perfect, but I let go of perfection before I started, and it relieved a lot of anxiety. Plus, I read somewhere once that the Amish purposely create imperfection somewhere (a dropped stitch or two) in their handmade quilts. Something about there not being anything perfect in life but God. I like that. Imperfect people and imperfect quilts.

a triangle quilt / herthreadedneedle\
a triangle quilt / herthreadedneedle
a triangle quilt / herthreadedneedle
a triangle quilt / herthreadedneedle
a triangle quilt / herthreadedneedle
a triangle quilt / herthreadedneedle

You can tell Luke likes it, because he kept photo bombing my pictures. 
little stinker.

If you're interested in making your own, for a crib sized quilt I bought (all soft cotton solids):
2 yards of grey (since I used it for the back and one of my dominant colors)
1/2 yard white
1/4 gold/mustard
8" pale yellow
8" mint green
8" pale blue
8" chocolate brown
8" red
8" tangerine
8" teal
1 yard cotton batting

Originally we had 6" triangles (plus 1/4" seam allowance), but when we had to re-cut, we ended up with 5" triangles (plus 1/4" seam). I think I actually like the 5" size better, but if you're making a bigger quilt, you might want to go with the 6".
I made my own bias tape out of two fat quarters- one black w/white triangles, the other white w/black triangles and alternated the two. Once I washed it up, the quilt got perfectly crinkly and delicious looking. And it's just the perfect size for Luke to snuggle in!


  1. This looks awesome! Good job! Really like the triangles.

  2. i am dying over this. DYING!!! i wish i had your skillz. so so cute!!

  3. I think its time I learn to quilt. This is beautiful!
    Found you via Crowley Party!

  4. Love this! Found you on Elise's blog, when you left a comment. Nice job on this!
    I just learned to sew so I'm in the beginning stages still. Doing a quilt would be fantastic one day.

  5. That is beautiful! I followed you from Elise's blog, too. I have been dreaming of making my own quilt, this is so lovely! Well done.


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