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While I'm in Mexico (!) and moving to Indiana, I asked a few of my favorite blogger friends to guest post over here! They're sharing a fun variety of things, so enjoy them! Here's Emma!

Hello Her Threaded Needle readers! :] My name is Emma and I blog over at Race and Emma. I'm so excited to be posting for Rachel today while she is away enjoying Mexico and busy with her move to Indiana!

I haven't done many guest posts so I thought I'd just introduce myself real quick! I blog about life with my husband and our soon to be little one who we have nicknamed Little Goose {it's a little lady!}.

Here are some things I like to blog about:

I love having my little space in the blogosphere and getting to know so many wonderful people through blogging {like Rachel}! It's so fun when you get to know another blogger better through emails, Instagram, Facebook, and all those other fun social networking sites. I hope you stop by and say hi sometime! :]

Now before I leave I thought I'd show off 'le bump' real quick and give you a little taste of what a post over on Race & Emma might look like. Enjoy!!

Shirt-Target $6
Belt- Old Navy $1
Red Skinnies- Old Navy $4.50

Thanks for having me Rachel! :] I hope you are having a blast in Mexico and I can't wait for you to come back and start blogging again! And thanks to all of you Her Threaded Needle readers for hanging out with me today! Stop by and visit sometime! I'll make sure to say hello back! 

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