surgery update

A few of you have asked how Luke's surgery went, so I thought I'd give a little update. (thanks for your concern!)

His little scrubs killed me. Equal parts adorable and pitiful.
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I let him choose if he wanted his bear, blanket, or a dish rag to take into surgery. 
Guess which one he chose.
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(please observe those gorgeous eyelashes)
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the hole they repaired
The surgery went really well. It took a little over an hour until he was back in my arms.
Friday he did great- he slept almost the whole day. By Saturday he was doing too much, and it aggravated the incision site causing him a lot of pain. There were no naps, and lots of crying.
He cried from about 1 pm until 6 am.
It was the single worst night of my mama career so far. Even when he was a newborn and had The Colic,
he would at least sleep a few hours in between. There was no sleep for any of us in this house. But it was all worth it, because I get to be this boy's mama, and I'm the one he wants to comfort him. I love that role.
 And fortunately Travis finished his last final around 10 that evening, so he was able to help a bit once he came home.
It was so sad seeing Luke in so much pain. He was so confused- he couldn't understand why it hurt him to play.
We're just trying to keep this busy boy down so he can rest and heal.
(also, can we talk about how difficult sponge baths are with a toddler?)

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  1. Aww poor guy! He is so cute in his scrubs though! And he has the most gorgeous eyelashes ever!! I hope he keeps getting better and you all get some sleep! And he is so funny with his dishrags! Haha. Silly boy!


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