how to: quiet book cover

I finally got around to making the cover for one of my quiet books and thought I'd share with you how I did it. 

 you will need:
1 yard of fabric
scrap fabric
embroidery thread
sewing machine
rotary cuter/mat
2 book rings
eyelet punch

Begin by cutting out your fabric. I bought a full yard, but I had some left over. You could maybe get away with 3/4 yard? 


 I cut my farbic 13" (tall) x 44" (wide) 
(finished dimensions are 12" tall, 22" wide, accounting for 1/4" seams on all sides)

I wanted to applique some of the letters on the front page, and embroider the rest. I cut out my letters, pinned and sewed.


 Then I hand embroidered the rest (using a back stitch).
I sketched out the hand script (see faint marks above) with my air erase fabric marker.

Be creative here. Sew on buttons. Consider making the front of your cover have it's own "activity".
Personalize it with your kids' names.
Once you've finished with the front of your cover, it will look like this:


Then you need to design your closure. This part isn't necessary, but I wanted my book to be able to close to make for easier transport in little arms.

Cut out two strips of fabric 1 1/2" wide (allowing for 1/4" seams), and about 5" long. The strips I have shown in the pictures are too long; I had to shorten it, but 5" is what mine ended up being.


Sew velcro (make sure it isn't the sticky backed kind; you'll gunk up your sewing machine needle!) to one side of the strip. Then sew right sides together (so the velcro is facing in) and then turn inside out.


Then you are going to measure where you want your tab to be, and pin in place.
You'll want the long side tucked inside the fabric (with just a skinny tail peeking (out) because you will be sewing right sides together. When you turn it right side out, the tab will now be on the outside. When you sew it all together, you'll want to run over this tab with your machine several times so it will be durable.


Then sew on another piece of velcro to the front of your page where you want your tab to connect.

Then fold your fabric in half (hamburger style!) with right sides together. Make sure you run over your tab several times!! Leave an opening wide enough for you to turn it right side out.


Once it's flipped right side out, iron your page and hand sew the closure.

Then measure (using your completed quiet book pages) where you need your eyelets to be, and attach.

Clip together with the rings, and you're done!!



  1. Question, how many 'pages' could you fit in this? I want to make one for my daughter, and want to start planning. =] Thanks.

    1. Mine has about ten pages (front & back) in it right now. Since I plan on adding more pages to it, I used larger book rings. I could probably comfortably fit in another 5, maybe 10 if I really wanted to. If you want less, go ahead and use slightly smaller book rings (I think the ones I used were 3", you could try 1 1/2" or 2" rings). The book cover is a pretty flexible size! hope that helps! :)


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