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While I'm in Mexico (!) and moving to Indiana, I asked a few of my favorite blogger friends to guest post over here! They're sharing a fun variety of things, so enjoy them! First up is Meredith (have you tried her no sugar recipes? delicious!)


 (apple muffins topped with honey butter)

Hey! I'm Meredith and this year I gave up sugar. And fake sugars. (I'm looking at you, high fructose corn syrup!!) So far so good but Easter is nearly upon us and almost nothing tempts me more than jelly beans. I LOVE them. As I was thinking about those delicious little sugar beans, I started making a list of some of my fave no sugar treats:

- Dried mango slices from Trader Joe's (They're called just mango slices, no sugar and unsulfered. They're so chewy and delish!) 
- Homemade smoothies. Full fat Greek yogurt, some frozen berries, a dollop of 100% maple syrup (natural sweeteners I'm cool with) blend and consume. YUM.
- Roasted almonds. Put a few plain, raw almonds in a dry saucepan, heat them for a few minutes on each side, toss with a handful raisins or tangy dried cherries. :)
- Dried pineapple rings. Tangy and chewy and Trader Joe's makes a great no sugar added, unsulfered version of these too.
- All fruit popsicles. Spring means strawberries. Blend up a few of those bright red beauties with a few drops of honey, freeze in popsicle molds and in a few hours you've got a springtime treat that's fresh, light and cool.

While none of these options are Jelly Bellies (oh how I love me some sour Jelly Bellies!!) none of them will make me groggy or get an insta sugar headache either. Fair trade. :) 

Thanks for having me over and happy egg hunting!

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