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While I'm in Mexico (!) and moving to Indiana, I asked a few of my favorite blogger friends to guest post over here! They're sharing a fun variety of things, so enjoy them! Here's Megan!

Hello Her Threaded Needle readers! I am really excited to be guest posting over here today for Rachel! I am really honored to be friends with Rachel in real life as well as blog world and she is so great! Her style is impeccable, her little boy is the cutest [and so well-behaved in church!! my son... not so much.. ha], and she is really one of the nicest people I've ever met. I'm sad that her and her family will be moving so sooner before we get to hang out more but I'm grateful for blog-land so we can stay in touch!
I should introduce myself a little bit :) My name is Megan and I blog over at And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson . I just graduated from BYU in Human Development and my husband is finishing up his Master's. I like to write about my life through the ups and the downs, hoping to inspire a few women along the way.
Today, I wanted to share with you a lesson that I learned quite recently. In January, I got rear-ended by a girl who was going at least 40 mph while I was sitting at a stoplight.
The light had just turned green and there were cars in front of me who hadn't gone yet. I was waiting for my turn to hit the gas when all of a sudden I heard a big CRASH! and realized someone had just hit me.
The other girl was coming off the freeway and was going rather fast. She saw that I was stopped but didn't want to slow down. So instead, she tried to pass me when she miscalculated her distance and ran into me instead.
Did you catch that?

The driver ended up hitting me because it was inconvenient for her to slow down/stop.

And because of this inconvenience, I am now left with a throbbing head, neck, and shoulders which I can only compare to childbirth. Because of this inconvenience, I'm left with these painful consequences that it still lingering.
I've thought about this over and over again. And although the frustration of the accident is still there (and there are also blessings to be grateful for), I've also thought:

How many times do we get caught up in our stresses that we think of others as inconveniences?

I realized that a lot of times when I'm trying to get work done and check more things off of my never-ending to-do list, I am more prone to shoo away my son and tell him to go read a book. Too often I act selfish with my time and think to myself, "I will just play with him later. Right now this is more important."
But is it really more important?
And although my son is young now, what would happen if I keep up these practices as he gets older? What kind of long-term pain and consequences could he possibly have if I treat him like an inconvenience? Maybe not physical pain like the pain from whiplash, but emotional or psychological pain. Pain that also would also take a long while to completely heal.
I'm not telling all this to confess my sins as a mother. Hopefully you don't read this and think I neglect my child every day. {I don't!} But I tell you this to show that it is easy to get caught up in the here and now.
I certainly am not thinking at the time, "Oh, Elijah is such an inconvenience!" I'm sure none of us are consciously thinking of our loved ones that way! But when we get so distracted by what we think is important in our lives, we lose sight of what really is important!

Or who is really important.

I challenge you to take time this week to figure out what is really important to all of you. Take time to readjust your schedules so you can be with the ones you love just a little bit more. Turn off the computer even and ignore the to-do list. And see how happier you & your family can be when you take the time to slow down.
Thanks again, Rachel for letting me guest post today!! I feel really honored to share my story with you and your readers and really appreciate this opportunity!

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