five fact friday

1. We found a place to live! Trav flew out last weekend and met with a rental agent. It's an adorable place right on a lake and it has a sun room for my sewing. 
We're really stoked we get to look at this for the next year.
2. I am really, really glad finals are over (even though I didn't have any!)
I was getting lonely!
And awesome! Travis graduates today! 
(my favorite fun fact about Travis is that this is his first graduation/diploma. He never graduated from high school/took the GED. He dropped out before his junior year and started attending college instead)

3. I'm glad spring came back.

4. Luke has been carrying around his toy goat (from his animal farm) and making elephant noises.
It is super hilarious. I guess because both animals are grey?
Close kid, close.
5. We're going to Mexico tomorrow!!!!!!!!! 
My posting will be sparse over the next few weeks, but stay tuned for some awesome guest posts.

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