five fact friday

1. Despite my best efforts to get Luke to cuddle up with his teddy bear, he seems to prefer using two dish rags as his loveys. He grabs a couple from the kitchen and hugs them in one arm as he toddles around.
Occasionally he'll stop to wipe the floor or the tv or the table.
Other times he just nuzzles them up to his face.
2. Probably our biggest news this week is that Lukie Jay is having surgery (!) next Friday.
He has two types of hydroceles as well as a possible inguinal hernia that need to be taken care of.
(but p.s. THOSE SHOES! I'm dying. found them at thrift store for $2.60)
3. Also big news: We will be moving to Indiana instead of New Jersey! A great opportunity within Johnson&Johnson came up (supporting a specific and major company instead of Corporate) and we took it! It's more of what Trav wants to be doing, plus rent in Indiana is less than 1/3 of what we would pay in NJ. So for the next year, we'll be Hoosiers!
(Did you know I lived in IN with my family for eight months when I was 14? It was a short move)
4. I won the Frakes family bracket. I'd be bragging more if I actually picked it out, but that Nick Lachey really came through for me. Thanks Nick!
5. We finally got our first iPhones yesterday, and we're obsessed (our first smartphones). What fun apps should I get? We already played Draw Something for our 'date night'
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  1. Awww, the first photo is too cute, well they are all cute! but the dish towels, ha ha, sooo adorable!


    Just when you thought

  2. he is so very sweet. Good luck with the move...one step at a time x

  3. Following you on Instagram and LOVING it! :] And I love that Luke grabs kitchen towels as his loveys. SO cute!! And his shoes are AWESOME!


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