Quiet books: getting started

I thought it might be helpful if I shared some of the materials I used to make my quiet books. Hopefully, if you're planning on making a book of your own, you'll find this useful. These are just the basic supplies that you will use on just about every page. You may need to add other things to your supply list depending on which pages you plan on creating.

3 yards of muslin. I like muslin primarily because of the way it feels in my hands as a book it is cheap. I buy the cheapest muslin there is, about $1.99 a yrd, and then I use a coupon. Also, bonus, it tears easily. When you're cutting up your muslin into pages, you just need to measure your length and snip about an inch into the fabric. Then just rip and it will continue to tear along that straight cut your just made. Definitely saves time, and it's super fun.

quiet books : getting started / herthreadedneedle

My pages, when finished, measure 8"x11", so I cut  tore my fabric into 16 1/2" x 11 1/2" pieces (allowing for 1/4" seams on all sides. 

quiet books : getting started / herthreadedneedle

fabric for the cover. Choose something sturdy and durable. I looked for a canvas-type material that was still soft on little hands.
 I think I got 1 1/2 yds of each color. 

quiet books : getting started / herthreadedneedle

Felt. Lots of felt. In every color. The felt you can buy off the bold is better quality, but more expensive. I'd say it'd be worth it on a color you're going to be using a lot- I go through a lot of tan and brown! Otherwise, you can purchase them in sheets. I think they're about $.37 per sheet at JoAnn's (don't forget a coupon!)

quiet books : getting started / herthreadedneedle

Embroidery thread. I inherited this collection from my grandmother when I was like, ten. Or something. Anyway, I think these are also somewhere around $.35 a piece. Pick out your felt first and try and match your colors to the felt- look for ones that blend in as well as contrast. Definitely get a few blacks, a white, grey, brown, and a few that match the "skin" color felt you selected.

quiet books : getting started / herthreadedneedle

1. air erasable fabric pen. I use this to sketch faces on my figures, trace outlines on the felt before I cut it out, and write the lettering on my pages so that I can embroider over it. Make a mistake? Just ignore it. It will disappear over 24 hours as it is exposed to oxygen.
2. Straight pins
3. Book rings
4. Eyelet punch The one pictured is my mom's (Guess it came home with me mom?!) and used to be my grandma's. I have a newer one I bought a few years ago as well, but it looks basically the same.
5. Needles You'll need to make sure they are super sharp (not all needles have a sharp point!) to sew through layers of felt, and you'll want a variety of sizes. Make sure you have some reallllly tiny ones so that you are able to sew the snaps on.

quiet books : getting started / herthreadedneedle

1. Sew on velcro. Don't get the sticky kind because it will gum up your sewing machine needle. Or you could just hot glue it on if you roll that way. Sometimes I do.
2. Sew on snaps. I have only found these small sizes at JoAnn's. Other stores just have huge ones, but the small ones work great for everything I need. You might want big ones if you're planning on snapping larger things like wheels to a car/train.
3. Buttons! My favorite. I've been collecting for yearsss, and have some of my grandmother's collection. If you don't have a stash, you can get them at any craft store, of course, but also most thrift stores. Sometimes they'll let you take a cupful for a flat rate. Get a variety of colors and sizes and shapes.


  1. You are so so crafty! I envy your felt, embroidery thread, and button collections! And I didn't know muslin was that awesome!

  2. thanks for sharing....i am about to embark!

  3. I made one of these for my Ella last Christmas and it took sooooooo long....and it wasn't done by Christmas.....and my mom had to rescue me and help me finish it......but I love it now so I am so glad I did it. I can't believe you've done more than one! They are such a fun project but I learned my lesson about doing it with a deadline in mind like a birthday or Christmas. Your pages are super cute though.


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