my baby is one

Dear Lucas Jay,

I remember the first time you were place into my arms, just minutes after birth. I was so excited to meet you, but as I looked into your eyes- with tears in my own, I realized that our souls already knew each other. I knew you long ago. I sat in awe of your perfect little that body formed inside my own. Your heart now beat outside of me, but there was your little bellybutton hidden under the stump of the umbilical cord, the last reminder of the physical connection between you and me. I counted your ten little fingers, and your ten tiny toes. You were beautiful.
You’ve taught me so much my Lucas Jay-bird. How to love deeper and pray harder and give of myself in ways I didn’t know I could. You’ve made me grow while I watched you grow and learn. You fill our home with happy chirps, lots of laughter, and my favorite sound- “mama”.
For your first birthday, I have asked your dad and grandparents to write you a little note, sharing their thoughts and advice, hopes and dreams for you. My intent is to have you read when you’re older; hopefully you will feel our love for you through these words.
As I’ve pondered what you might become (doctor? teacher? businessman?), I’ve had difficulty imagining you as anything but my baby man, the one with the ten little fingers and ten tiny toes. 
But I see you, that soul I’ve known for so long, grown wise. I see you, a man who loves God, who loves learning, who loves good and righteous things. My hope is that you have the strength to stand for what you believe in, and the wisdom to kneel for it as well.  I imagine those ten tiny toes on two little feet now quite larger and grown tired on your mission. And those ten perfect fingers on strong hands calloused in the service of others. You, my baby still, there inside that man I am so proud of, even now, before he grows.  I pray I’ve been the mama you needed to make you that man. You may not fit inside my belly or on my lap any longer, but you will always, always fit inside my heart.
I love you Lukie,



  1. So sweet! He's a cute little guy, you're lucky!

    P.S. I had to laugh at your post about how to make a rag rug because I definitely had a Little House on the Prairie phase, an Anne of Green Gables phase, and a Nancy Drew phase!

  2. This is the sweetest letter to Luke! :] You are a wonderful mother!


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