how to: use your eyelet punch

Using your eyelet punch is super easy , but I was really nervous the first time I used it. I didn't want to mess up the page I had just worked so hard on! In fact, it's probably too easy to do a tutorial on, but my hope is it will help one of you!

Sew up your quiet book page (right sides together) and turn it back right-side out. Mark on your page where you want the eyelets to go. I measured 2" from top and from the bottom and put a dot with my air-erasable fabric marker.

Snip your fabric where you placed your dot. Be careful not to make it too big, but you need it to be big enough that you can fit the eyelet inside. You can always snip a little more. Stick an eyelet through the hole and make sure it fits snugly.


Position your eyelet punch on the eyelet and clamp down hard. You're bending down the unfinished edge of the eyelet.


And ta-da! You're done. Do this with the second mark on your page, and clip on your book rings!

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