how to: shooting stars


We're pretty into throwing things around here. Balls, cell phones and sippy cups. 
I thought I'd make Luke something extra fun to throw around, so I made these shooting stars during nap time. He loves watching the ribbons twirl. Plus they're good to suck on.

you need:
sewing machine/thread

first, cut out your star shapes. I sketched mine (it's helpful to start with the smaller one first), but you could always print some off that you find online.

Hand or machine stitch the smaller star to the larger one
I used an applique stitch on this one just to test it out. I prefer the simple straight stitch I used to my second star.

Gather your ribbons for the streamer. I sewed them together so they would all stay in place when I stitched them into the star.

 Then machine stitch the large felt star to the back. (I find it helpful to sew it to a large square {I don't cut out the second star shape} first. Once I put in the rice and sew it all up, I cut out the star.) Place your ribbons in between the two felt pieces. I ran over the ribbon a few times with my machine just to make sure they were sturdy.

Make sure you leave an opening so you can pour in your rice (a funnel or a cup is great for this)


Then stitch up your hole, and toss it around!


  1. Those are so cute! I can't wait to make fun little toys like this for my future babies!

  2. These are adorable!! So glad you shared. Newest reader!


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