five fact friday

1. We went to Trav's mission reunion for the last time ever. (probably)
Luke was the only baby there, and he entertained himself by moving the rolling trash can all over the floor.
also rearranging the chairs.
(I love when my boys wear Sunday clothes)
2. I took Luke to the duck pond last week.
He wasn't interested in feeding them bread, but instead wanted to stalk them.
He crawled after the duck slowly, but when the duck caught on and started running faster,
Luke began running. Poor duck had to fly to get away.
3.What he liked even more than the ducks was throwing rocks into a river nearby.
(away from the ducks!)
We probably spent a good twenty minutes just tossing rocks in the water.
I love little boys. He came home dirty and tired for his nap.
4. He also pulled up a few flowers (that kid is fast).
I saved them (the ones that still had petals), because I'd like to think he picked them for mama.

5. Luke is cutting two molars, and all he wants to eat is peas and animal crackers. THAT'S IT.


  1. He is so cute! :] Especially in his church clothes! And boys are so fun! I love how entertained they can be by everything! I hope my little lady is like that too!

  2. You have a beautiful family! Hooray for flowers for Mama...I cherish them everytime my little guy brings me some, too. :)

    New to your blog...and it is just so cute. Can't wait to read more!

    Have a happy weekend! xx


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