baby gear: newborn edition



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now that we've survived our first year as parents, I thought we'd share some of the things we loved that made it a little easier. when I was pregnant with our little man, I scoured blogs searching for things that we'd really need, and not just all the "extras". maybe our list will help you. at the very least, it will help us remember next time around!

extra thoughts:
Luke is an excellent sleeper, and I credit that book.
gerber cloth diapers make the best burp cloths (I have found them at walmart cheapest, 12 for $12). Wash first, they shrink a bit.
you'll want a cool mist humidifier. we tried a warm mist once, and the room felt like a greenhouse, and carpet/bedding got damp. cool mist is far superior.
we are big swaddlers over here. Luke still loves a good swaddle. I like flannel for winter (handmade by Luke's Mimi) and muslin for summer.

I also recommend these. Perfect for those bajillion mid-night diaper changes. No zippers or snaps. You can do this with your eyes closes. I have.


  1. that book looks really interesting. i should definitely read it as sleep habits in babies/toddlers really intrigue me.

    AND i adore those swaddlers. Totally getting them for my bebe's someday.

    Happy tuesday friend!

  2. My sister-in-law got us that book! She gave it super high recommendations so I'll trust the two of you. And my mum bought me some of those awesome swaddling blankets! I'm so excited to use all of these things!


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