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 it's easy to forget about yourself when you're a new mama.
don't do it!

extra thoughts:
I guess you can tell we breastfed/pumped over here.
I recommend a hand pump to any breastfeeding mama- especially in the beginning, it will help with pain.
Once I went back to teaching, I invested in a double electric to speed things up. I love this one. quiet&fast. also ultra easy to clean (there is no way milk can get into the tubes on this model)
whenever I sat down to nurse, I felt like I was literally going to die right that second of thirst, so I always kept a cup handy. The hospital gave me a massive mug, which was awesome, but these are prettier. After awhile, seltzer water (which I previously hated) was the only thing that could quench my thirst.
I'd put on some red lipstick in the mornings to make me feel like a real person again. It helped.

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  1. I am definitely going to need to pin this post for future reference! :] Just a few more months to go!


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