five fact friday

1. This little charmer has less than a month before turns one. We were watching new girl on hulu this week, and this dreft commercial kept popping up. WHO SAYS I WILL ONLY HAVE  A BABY FOR ONE YEAR, DREFT? I was a little bit emotional about it.
2. I've had some major, very frustrating sewing machine problems this week.
3. I made Luke a little fox pillow for his crib. He likes to chew on it and then chuck it across the room at night.
4. We had banana pancakes for dinner last night, and now I have this song stuck in my head.

5. Travis taught Luke that cows say MOO. Now he moos every time I nurse him. I think it's hilarious.

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  1. I saw that Dreft commercial while watching Hulu the other day too! I told my husband we have to use it when we have a baby. Haha. I don't even know if it's actually any good. Your sweet Luke will still be your baby though! :]Also, I LOVE the pillow you made! So so cute!


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