Five Fact Friday

1. My finger puppets were featured on BabyCenter this week. That was pretty awesome!

2. We caught Luke sleeping like this the other night- sprawled across three blankets piled high. I love sleeping babies.

3. I baked some homemade bread this week. I ate three slices soaked in butter and honey right out of the oven. I used this recipe- I think it's my new go-to.

4. Other things I made this week included Emily's chicken florentine puffs and Martha's General Tso's Chicken. Both were amazing and probably changed my life. You need to try them. The puffs made enough for two meals (woo, a meal ready in the freezer!). I substituted for mozzarella and fresh spinach with the puffs. And next time, I'd double Martha's recipe. I wanted more leftovers!! Try them!!

5. I have a new little nephew! Tanner arrived last night and is a whopping 9 lbs 10 oz- the biggest baby in our clan to date. Alisa, you're my new hero! I think I'll stick to my 7 pounders, thanks!

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  1. Your finger puppets are adorable! So of course they would be featured on Baby Center! That is seriously awesome though! :] You're practically famous! Also, Luke is absolutely adorable!


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