Dijon Salad Dressing

Stocking up my fridge after the move is a real task! I forget when I'm at the store that I don't have even the most basic ingredients, like ketchup, or salad dressing. Luckily I can make my own with what I do have (dressing that is, not ketchup). Here's a quick and easy recipe for Dijon salad dressing.

You need:


4 TB apple cider vinegar*
4 TB olive oil
2 t sugar
2 t Dijon mustard
dash of black pepper/salt to taste


Mix up all of the above and drizzle over your salad. The above proportions are more than enough for a large salad (say, for a party), but I doubled the recipe and it fit just perfectly in this jam jar. Now I'll have some on hand whenever I want it. Just store it in the fridge and shake it up before use.


*you can substitute a different vinegar- say, white vinegar- if it's what you have, however it will change the taste slightly.
**also I think it could double as a yummy chicken marinade.

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