winter challenge: embrace a trend

I went simple with this challenge- it was a crazy day! I figured since fancy nails and gold glitter are in, I'd combine them. I ended up using these and I loved them. I love glitter on my nails, but hate the taking it off process. Seems like these stickers will solve this. And BONUS, they were easy to apply and there was no dry time. So I went straight from doing my nails to doing the dishes. And laying my son back down in his crib for the nth time! I have a few left, so I think it'll be fun to just do one finger gold and paint the rest for my next manicure.



  1. I have never heard of those but I want some now! I hate that doing anything right after doing nails ruins them. It just makes me so frustrated. I need to go to the store and get myself some nail stickers! :]

  2. Oh wow, I've never tried those but now I want to! Your nails look awesome. I have nail polish that same exact color but it IS a huge pain to remove.

    Freckles in April


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