you may have noticed (but probably not, because hopefully you are all too busy still celebrating the holidays) that I missed five fact friday. I thought instead I'd just give you a short little update on our lives and why posting will be sparse for the next few weeks.

we're headed back to UT for my husband's last semester at BYU (hurrah!). We'll return to Jersey in May when he'll start full time with j&j. So I'll be pretty busy packing and then unpacking the next few weeks. I plan to return full time mid-january, but in the mean time, there are a few scheduled posts for you. My shop will also be closed during this time, but I'll let you know when it's back up!

On a related note, I'll be flying with Luke by myself next week and I'm a little nervous! It's his first plane ride! I'm not really worried about the actual flying as I am about entertaining him (with out annoying my fellow flyers too much) for hours and hours in cramped quarters. Any tips or tricks from you seasoned mothers?
Plus, how do I even go to the bathroom with a baby? Or where do I even change his diaper on the plane??


  1. How old is he now? Near a year? It's not so bad! I had lots of food for my daughter, that helped. And toys, but mostly i nursed her a lot. Not sure if you're still doing that.

    What else... Hmm, food food food. Books, and if you can get a window seat. Pack lite for the plane the less you carry the better. If you have a baby carrier, put the him in that! Hope that helps some. If I think of more I'll let you know!

  2. thank you! he's ten months, and pretty active- which is what I'm concerned about. We're still nursing, so we'll have that, and I'm thinking I might have to walk up and down the aisle with him!


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