How to: a Valentine's Banner

Confession: I hate February. It's the month where it seems like winter will last forever. And this year there is a whole extra day! I also have never been a huge fan of Valentine's day (although I will say, it has become much more enjoyable with Mr. Frakes around!).

I discovered last year that I sort of maybe liked February because of all the crafts I did with my students. But I was also nine million months pregnant and had the mother of all sinus infections, so I continued being grinchy about February. So this year, I am going to try my darnedest to enjoy the crap out of February...including Valentine's! So I started with some fun Valentine's banners.

You need:
Mod Podge 
sponge brush
card stock
baker's twine or yarn

I started off by printing off the letters I wanted to use. You can personalize it for you, but I chose "All You Need Is Love" and "I Love You". Now, if you're smart, you'll print out your letters directly on card stock.Unfortunately for me, my card stock was placed in once of those "do not open until we move back east for the final time" boxes, and I didn't want to go on a wild goose hunt to find it, nor did I want to buy some for this project. So I found some extra file folders, printed my letters on regular paper, cut them out, and glued them to the folders. It was a lot of extra work, so if you have card stock, save yourself some time!

valentine's banner / herthreadedneedle

Once you have your letters printed, (or cut and glued), brush them with mod podge (make sure you have a good covering!), and then sprinkle generously with glitter.I did about 3 letters at a time to make sure the mod podge didn't dry up before I could apply the glitter.

valentine's banner / herthreadedneedle
shake excess glitter off and repeat (warning, it will get all over your carpet! If it wasn't raining, I would have done this step outside!)
Once you have all your letters covered in glitter, apply a top coat of mod podge. This will seal in the glitter and prevent it (mostly) from coming off as you cut out your letters and as it hangs in your house. I recommend using a sponge brush for this and instead of using brush strokes, just dab the mod podge on top.

Let dry.. I left mine overnight just to be sure.

Once dry, cut out each of your letters and arrange on the floor. I used yarn for the "all you need" banner, and some red and white baker's twine for the "I love you banner". Hot glue your letters to your string, and hang up!

valentine's banner / herthreadedneedle
valentine's banner / herthreadedneedle
I strung one banner over our living room window, and the other above our bed.

It was tricky to get the glitter photographed, but it adds nice sparkle in real life!
valentine's banner / herthreadedneedle

Let me know if you try it!
(p.s. Travis thinks it is way too early for valentine's crafts, so sorry if you do too!)

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  1. So cute! This makes me want to actually decorate my house this year!


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