How to: a no sew felt hair bow #3

Here's the third- and  maybe the easiest- no sew felt bow.
This one ends up looking just like the first, but with one less step.

You need:
felt strips
glue gun/glue

You only need two felt strips for this bow, but one will be much longer.

Make a vertical slit towards one end of this long strip, and thread the opposite end of your bow through it. It should look like this: Make sure your bow looks even, then wrap your smaller felt strip around the center and hot glue! PhotobucketPhotobucket
 I slipped a bobby pin on mine and attached the pin to an elastic headband (seen here). You could glue the bow directly to your headband if you like, but I like the versatility.


  1. What is the background in these pictures? Is that your table? It's so pretty!


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