five fact friday

1. Finally finished unpacking and it looks like home instead of a smorgasbord of boxes. I learned I never want to move across the country without my husband again. It was sort of a disaster (really filthy/uncleaned apartment, problems with storage unit/moving truck, really sick baby with several days of no sleep- for both of us).

2. If we're counting blessings here, I had several. Many really good friends stayed all day to help me clean, unpack, set up furniture, deal with problems I couldn't handle, and even bring dinner. I'm pretty grateful for those friendships.

3. I think Luke is finally adjusted to all the changes, ya know, like the TIME ZONE. Although there still are those odd 3 am party sessions he likes to hold in his new bedroom. Those have got to stop!

4. Have I told you he is WALKING? He knows that crawling is faster, so that is still his preferred method, but he can take a handful or two of steps at a time. It is awesome when we catch him doing it when he doesn't know we are watching. He'll just take off from our kitchen table and walk over to the couch like it's no big deal!

5. Luke may not have enjoyed his canned baby food, but the jars are great for holding my button collection! I'm glad things are settling down over here. I am itching to take on a new project.

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  1. Cross country move by yourself?! I think I would have died! Haha. You have got skills!! :] I'm glad to hear it's all over though! And that you have good friends to get you through it!


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