Gingerbread house

I thought I would share our gingerbread house with you guys. I use the term "house" loosely over here. Making these things are a big tradition for my husband. It takes him hours as he antagonizes over the details, and I usually get bored and move on to something else. But the end result is always spectacular (he's even made a Big Ben gingerbread house several feet tall before).

This year he made BYU's football stadium. Our shopping list was miles long, and we even painted pretzels to make the goal posts. Travis would like to point out that the players (BYU & Utah) and the refs are represented in realistic positions as well as in number.

In case you have crazy thoughts too and would like to replicate something similar, here is our supply list

   Football players & crowd
Players – Red (Utah) and Blue (BYU) small hard candy
Crowd – Blue and white small hard candy
(we went with peppermint patty circles for the blue& white,and red m&m's 
·         Refs- Black and white striped Hersey Hugs (need 7 kisses)
·         Green field- green icing (we had intended to add sprinkles for texture but forgot)
·         White lines- White icing
·         Ramps- Double sided cookies (like an Oreo, but the cheap storebrand kinds) with one side black and one side white
      Cones- small orange candy that came with our gingerbread house kit
·        Columns to hold up the bleachers - thick pretzel rods
Goal posts- thin pretzel sticks mounted in caramel squares for support
·         Yellow paint- for the goal posts
Ideas that never materialized- scoreboard and lights

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