Five Fact Friday

1. I had my first real massage this week (an anniversary present I finally cashed in). Once I got over being completely naked (eep!), it was awesome. I am probably addicted, and I definitely need a prenatal massage next time I'm pregnant.

2. Luke spent an evening playing with one of his Hot Wheels. Awhile later, I looked over- he had slipped his car inside his shirt pocket for safe keeping. Smart man.

3. Grandma made some molasses cookies the other day and slipped Luke one. He was very appreciative and sported cookie face the rest of the evening.

4.We wrapped some donated presents for a little boy at our church's Christmas party last weekend. It was really nice to get Luke in on the action.

5. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!! Christmas Eve is my favorite, and I'm really excited for Luke's first Christmas.

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