How To: Christmas wreath picture ornament

I shared this on my personal blog last year, and thought I'd share it here with all of you! This is a craft I did with my second graders last Christmas as a gift for their parents. They were thrilled about it, and it was a lot of fun to do

you will need:
puzzle pieces (search thrift stores for an assortment of puzzles, or use old puzzles that have missing pieces!)
red sequins
hot glue & glue gun
elmer's glue
a photo
green spay paint
newspaper (to use as a backdrop while you spray paint)
Step one:
Cut out a cardstock circle (for the back) and a second circle with the middle cut out. Glue on small puzzle pieces to the front- we did two layers. Press between books overnight so the paper doesn't warp.

Step two:
Spray paint the heck out of the puzzle pieces, allow to dry overnight.

Step three:
Hot glue a photo inside the wreath, glue back on. Add a ribbon hanging, a bow for the front, and six red sequins for the berries.

(of course I made one for myself!)

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