How To: baby's Christmas craft

you need:  
paints (brown is pictured, but I didn't end up painting a trunk), brushes, canvas
I used the lid off a cottage cheese container destined for the recycling. makes clean up easy.
this was the trickiest part. This tiny man sure is wiggly!

I painted the star on top freehand. volia! you're done! If you wanted to, you could hot glue some yarn or ribbon on the back to hang from your tree. I think I'll just prop it up in the branches. I wrote Luke's name and age as well as the date on the back. I've been wanting to capture his little feet while they're still, well, little. Christmas seemed like the perfect time to do it, and now I have a tiny Christmas tree forever!

cost: free. A friend gave me the little canvas, and I used paints and brushes we had around the house.

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