How To: double strand lace headband

I liked the first lace headband I made, but I am also a fan of double head bands. I like to wear two stretchy black ones at a time. So I thought I'd make one out of lace! It took me about five minutes, and cost a little more than a dollar.

Cut two strands of equal length of the lace of your choice. I cut mine about 17" long.

Cut a length of elastic (mine was about 1.5") and sew it to the underside of the elastic. I sewed two vertical parallel lines for extra stability, and ran over each line a few times with my machine.

Do the same thing to the other end of your headband so that it forms a complete circle. Make sure you are not twisting the lace as you sew.

And wear it, because lady, you're done!

told you it was easy.

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