Nutella Pumpkin Bread

delicious. If you like pumpkin and nutella, you will adore this. sidenote: I've been eating nutealla since before you could find it in every supermarket in the US. Good thing we had family in Germany to ship it! I used to bring nutella sandwiches to school and got made fun of because people thought it looked like poop. ANYWAY, it really got me in the mood for fall! I used this recipe as my base, but made a few changes.

I baked in full size bread pans (not mini or muffins like the original) for about an hour. I did a full TB of both cinnamon and nutmeg (I like to taste my spices- this was just right for me- present and not overwhelming). I didn't even know they made hazelnut extract, so obviously we didn't have it. I did add in a little bit of peanut oil extract because it was on hand, but I didn't really notice it, so I will omit it all together next time. I substituted half the white flour for wheat flour and cut the sugar in half. I filled both pans with about an inch and a half of batter then swirled in two spoons full of nutella. Then I poured in the rest and swirled two more spoons full of nutella in the top layer. I took extra care to swirl it into the corners so that each slice had some nutella. This was a delicious dessert/breakfast bread. I thought it would be good toasted with nutella on top, but that would have been too much. It was good as is. So good in fact, that it came out of the oven around 8 pm and didn't survive the night (probably because the missionaries came over just as it was done). Another note- It didn't rise hardly at all, so don't expect much more to come out of the batter.
I will be making this again!

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