How To: a lace headband

 I don't know about you, but my hair is really silky and anything that doesn't grip it just slips right off. This way the elastic goes all the way around the headband. SO, here's what I did.

1 yd of lace (I got mine from joann's from their by-the-yard section)
cost: Free if you have these things on hand. Otherwise, depending on the type of lace you choose, about $4. And of course, once you have the elastic, the possibilities are endless.

For the elastic, you have two basic choices- knit or braided. The braided will thin when pulled, the knit will not. I chose knit. I used 1/4" elastic.

The tricky part is getting the measuring right. The elastic will stretch, obviously, but the lace will not, so you will need different lengths of each. You'll also need to measure around your own head to make sure it fits you snugly. I have a smaller head than most, so you might want to lengthen yours a bit. I used 18" of elastic and 20" of lace.

Pin the lace and the elastic together on the end.
Then pin at the opposite end. Your lace will buckle because it is being pulled. Pin in a few more places on down the line. 

Then sew a vertical line right where that pin is in the picture above. Make sure you back-stitch and go over it a few times for security.
sorry for the weird yellow lighting from the sewing machine. 
After you do that, you will begin sewing down the center of the lace&elastic. (I used a simple straight stitch) Pull the elastic tight as you sew. The pins you put at intervals in the middle will help you make sure you are pulling the elastic tight enough.

It will be curly like this when you are finished because of the way the elastic is pulling. Measure it around your head to see where you will need to sew the ends together. Then overlap the two ends and sew them together. Again, make sure you are going over it a few times. Test it out. Is it small enough? If not, go back and sew it a little smaller.
photos courtesy of my little brother

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