Five Fact Friday

1. I wore a coat this week, and when I reached into the pocket, I found these remnants of my teaching days. I probably took those erasers from kids who were trying to eat them or stick them up their noses. gross.
2. There is something about seeing my main man with my baby man that makes my  heart melt. Seriously?! just LOOK at the two of them.
3.Luke gets more bumps and bruises every day (can you see them below?). When I took him to the dr's this week, they took one look at him and said, well, I guess he's movin'! 
4. Luke doesn't weigh as much as we thought. In fact, if he doesn't pick it up, they want him to come in for weight checks. Poppycock. He's just fine, thanks.
5. We now have two teeth over here.

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