sky's the limit

I really love this page. Probably because there are button craters on the moon. The rocket slides up and down on that ribbon, so it can fly to the moon!
 This airplane has a parachute jumper. I thought about making an actual parachute for the guy, or even including one of those plastic jumpers, but then my mom reminded me that we once has a parachute jumper in our quiet book (different page) and it didn't last long. Probably not the best idea for church with a rambunctious little man. So our man is just attached with a cord. So maybe he's a bungee jumper instead?

maybe I should have shared the template for these too? They're pretty simple, but if anyone wants them, let me know!

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  1. I love this one also! May I have the template? hdyoung72@gmail.com


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