Man Sandwiches

I'm going to share with you something that is probably one of Trav's favorite meals- maybe his very favorite?
The thing about marrying a Frakes is that you have to accept the Franks. At first I was kind of offended that Travis was adding it to my chicken (which was already very tastefully seasoned!). But now...well, I'm adding it too.
When we were first married, I got a little tired of the deep fried buffalo wings that was often made when everyone got together. Or maybe I just got sick of the chicken? I'm more of a beef girl. Anyway, I tried to combine some of the things I knew Travis liked into a new meal, and this is what I came up with. It has cheese, beef, and Franks. And also butter. It's a winner.
sorry it's not the best picture. I was in too much of a hurry to eat it.

(Here is the thing about this dish. It uses a lot of butter. Butter is like manna. I like it. You can decrease it if you're trying to be healthy- I'm not- or you can just channel your inner Pioneer Woman and splurge).

Cube steak (about a lb per person)
Large yellow onion
Frank's Hot Sauce
1 stick butter
2 TB soy sauce
Provolone cheese
Really Good Rolls

Begin by slicing up your onions and sauteing them in about a TB or two of butter. I like to leave them a tiny bit crunchy because they will cook some later, so you want to take them out & put aside as they start to get slightly transparent. While this is cooking, slice up your cube steak into strips. Make sure you slice against the grain, otherwise your meat will fall apart. Once the onions are out, throw in several more TB of butter (reserve some aside). Add in your steak. This cooks quickly, so once one side is brown, flip it over. As the meat cooks, it shrinks so you can keep adding more and more slices of meat to your pan until they're all in there. Then add in the soy sauce and Frank's. The soy sauce is there to add a "brown" flavor to the meat. You don't taste it outright, but it is very important to get that good flavor on the meat. Then dump in as much Frank's as you like. The butter/Franks ratio will control the heat of the meat. I add as much Franks as I like and others (read:Travis) can add more to their individual sandwiches. Then mix the meat into the sauce. Add back onions, cook a few more minutes on low, or until meat is cooked thoroughly.
While this cooks, slice your rolls, add butter on both sides, and toast on the stove top. When the bread is toasted, add provolone cheese to one side. Then, pour some of the sauce onto the non-cheese half of your roll (so it soaks in!) and pile on your  meat and onions (Travis always ignores the onions).

Also, you will need a napkin. It's juicy.
This is how much the little man enjoyed it. He had a few tastes.

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