Fish with Peter

This page was a bit of a challenge- I had about 5 different ways I thought I'd do it, but in the end, I'm pleased with how it turned out.  My mom had a fishing page in our book growing up- not with Peter, but just a fishing hole. We'd "fish" with a magnet that would connect to a paper clip inside the fish's mouth. That was my original idea, but her magnet had a hole in it that she tied to a fishing pole. While I was sure I, I mean, my brother, could drill a hole in a magnet for me, I wasn't sure how that would affect the polarity of the magnet. Also I couldn't find any magnets at home, and didn't want to go out and buy one.
I still sewed paper clips inside the fish, but then I fashioned a fishing hook and pole out of two more paper clips. For the hook, I clipped a paper clip in half, and for the pole, I just straightened another clip out. I then hot glued and wrapped twine around them both and sewed the pole to the page. This way, the pole can hook the mouths of the fish. The fish can then be tied up into the net that Peter cast into the ocean. Also Peter is attached with velcro.The boat is a short pocket so that Peter can sit inside it.
I embroidered the waves and heat set crayon for the ocean.
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