my 56-4*

Several months ago, I turned to my husband and professed an intense craving for Dunkaroos. Do you remember Dunkaroos? I do. And I wanted to eat them. Bad. He looked at me funny and said, "So buy some." Yeah, only I was trying to buy some, and I couldn't find them ANYWHERE. I searched in every grocery store I went to and they were no where to be found. Eventually I gave up hope, tried to bury my desire, and I just figured they'd stopped making them.

Until last Friday night.

It was hot date night, and we'd just finished eating. It started to thunderstorm and we ran through the downpour to our car. After we climbed in, Travis told me to close my eyes, and he placed something in my lap. When I looked down, I saw these:

WHAT! Apparently he took up the search when I gave it up. Travis asked everyone he knew if they'd seen them. He'd even resolved to buy some from amazon. Did you know you could get them on amazon? Only then someone told him that Acme had them, so he searched and they did! (for only $2!) And bonus! Squeeze its! Do you remember Squeeze its!? I loved those guys. epic.

This was amazing on two levels:
1. I knew how hard he'd worked to find something that he knew would make me happy. Food is the quickest way to my heart, and he knows it.
2. He also recreated one of my favorite dates from when we were dating. We got cookies and juice boxes and drove up the canyon. It poured rain and we ate our treats and talked (yes, talked) for hours. then we danced in the rain. it might embarrass travis I told you that. this is in small font, because maybe he won't read this part.

Then I kissed that fool and we enjoyed our dunkaroos together. We even scraped out the last of the rainbow frosting with our fingers. He sure knows how to romance me. 

Today is our third anniversary. Best three years I've ever had.
I thought I loved him when I married him, but three years and one man child later, I love him more than I ever thought you could love someone. Heart and soul, he's got me hooked.

*true story- Travis and I met in a Physical Science class. That spring/summer, I also had church (which he attended with me) in the Benson building (so much science!) on campus, and during sacrament meeting, we faced a giant periodic table of elements. Being young and in love, and also really nerdy, we would try to make words up using the element numbers and abbreviations. Once I, or he- I can't really remember which- whispered to the other "you're my 56-4".  I'll let you follow the link to the table and figure it out yourself.

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