David & Ammon pages

I finished a few more quiet book pages. Eventually I'd like to have two full books- one with scripture stories and another for other fun pages. But for now, they'll probably just be all in the same page. On these scripture pages, I decided to embroider the scripture that corresponds to the scene so that as my kids get older, they can look up and read the story as well as playing with the book. I used the sewing machiene to sew all the figures on to the Ammon page, and hand embroidered the David page. I think I'll stick to the hand embroidering again for this book.
David & Goliath
David has a sling shot that can shoot a rock at Goliath's head.

Ammon protecting the sheep
(this story comes from the LDS The Book of Mormon)
All four arms of the bad guys snap on and off so that Luke can really act out the story with Ammon.

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