How To: salt scrub diy

Some days, when my mom works, I try to do a craft with my younger sister.  I've been storing up crafts on Pintrest, and today, we did this one.

You need:


Olive Oil (1 TB), Sea Salt (5 TB), and 1 lemon
The directions said to mix the olive oil and the sea salt together first- that way the salt wouldn't dissolve in the lemon juice. We mixed this together (my sister added some mint oil to hers as well as lemon) and put it in bell jars for use. We added yellow ribbon to be fancy, but I'll probably take that off before I use it in the shower! 
I did add a little more salt to fill up the jar more. Also 1 TB seemed to be like too much oil, so it was nice having some extra salt to soak that up.


It was a fun and quick afternoon craft during the little man's nap.
We just used things we had laying around the house!

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