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I took a few photos of the play room at the beginning of the summer, and never posted them. It's had a few changes since then (I've removed the rug, and added the antique doll cradle elsie slept in as a newborn and filled it with my childhood dollies, to name a few), but still thought I'd share.
We love having a space for all their toys. My house stays so much cleaner.

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estes park

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growing up, travis' family went up the the mountains each fall to watch the elk bugle, bringing soup and bread bowls and spending the whole day outdoors. we've resumed the tradition since moving here. Els had a fever last year, so she and I missed out, but the boys got to go. We went up the last weekend in September and had beautiful weather. It was too warm for the elk to be fighting each other to build their harem, but they were everywhere (and close!) and bugling. Luke thought were were going to see "the letter elk", and now elsie points everywhere and says, "oh! it's an elk!" (no elsie, that's a tree).

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luke's room

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I snapped a few quick photos of Luke's room the other day. He has his big boy bed now, and I finished his quilt, so I'm calling it done and moving on.

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uncle aaron

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while we were in NY, my baby brother received his mission call from our church.
He will dedicate two years of his life to sharing the gospel- no movies, no dating, no music, no internet, and a phone or skype call home only twice a year (christmas and mother's day).
Missionaries do not get to choose where they are sent, so we have anxiously been trying to guess where he'd go. (to learn more about what missionaries do and why, click here)

Anyway. Seoul, Korea! No one saw that coming.

He leaves today, to live at a training center, where he will stay for three months learning to speak and read Korean. Then he'll hop on a plane and head to the other side of the world. And use chopsticks.

I'm so excited for him, but gosh, the frakes household is going to miss him.
Aaron just gets me, you know? Our souls were made from the same stuff, except his must have been nicer quality because he's nicer than I am.

And I know a little boy in particular who is going to be devastated when he can't facetime his "air-bear" anymore. The two of them have had a special bond since Luke was a baby. Luke has always preferred his air-bear. He wants to be just like him. When we were headed to Luke's preschool open house, he grabbed his doctor kit. "I go doctor sick school like my air bear mama!" (my brother has been interning at the hospital; in the ER and OR). And when were were traveling out there, he told everyone on the plane who he was going to see, and invited them along. "Come on everybody! Wet's go see my air bear! Hurry!". A man behind us commented that Luke was acting like it was Disneyland. Which to Luke, it practically is.

 photo 469ABDC1-B5EF-494E-A0E1-70CAE37EFBC5_zpscvdkeqec.jpg

When Luke was Elsie's age, he woke up sad from a nap, and only wanted the comfort of air bear (and a doughnut hole). While we were out there, Elsie likewise woke up sad and snuggled into Aaron. I snapped a picture both times, and realized they're practically identical.

 photo aaronluke_zpsb8989b67.jpg photo ecfe8075-43ba-4481-979d-20aee97f5d3c_zpsefcad1ff.jpg 

yep. we're gonna miss this kid!


i scream

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so. much. ice cream.

When Luke was just a bit older than Elsie, my dad had a business trip in Chicago. He took an extra day and drove down to spend some time with us. I can't remember where Luke and I were that morning, but we ran some errand, and after, as I was him in the car, he said, "I go i cweam my pop pop? okay, yeah!"
It was 10 am, and I have no idea where he came up with that thought, but he had a plan, and by golly, he wanted some i cweam with his pop pop. Of course my dad obliged, and Luke sat happily eating his ice cream, singing "I cweam with pop pop, i cweam with pop pop".

so now it's like a thing, to get ice cream with grandpop. Elsie loved it too. She could often be seen double fisting two cones she'd conned off grandma and an uncle or even her brother.

these kids were so spoiled.

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