the day was hot

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it was warm enough in moab for the first swim of the season. these two love being in the water. Elsie and I got our tan on, while Luke practiced being a dolphin. I took way too many pictures, but it was just the best afternoon. hurry up summer.


dinosaur footprints

travis told luke last monday that we'd get to go see some dinosaur footprints in moab. He told him that a long time ago they stepped in the mud and left their footprints behind.

dinosaur footprints

 he told him this on monday.

so guess what Luke talked about alllllllllll week long?

"MOM! I go see dinosaur footprints from when he step in a mud and got alllll muddy! I go Mo-bab now?"


It was the first thing we did when we arrived on friday, and boy, was he excited. He narrated his hike all the way up to the footprints. "I see the dinosaur footprints, he's alllll muddy! Mom! He stepped in the mud! Whoops, careful guys! Be very careful. The rocks are tricky here. Whoops! I fall. I'm alright."

He was hilarious. I thought he might be disappointed when we got there and there wasn't an actual dinosaur, but he wasn't. He totally got that they were just footprints, and when travis helped him touch them? LIFE MADE.

he's still talking about it.

dinosaur footprintsdinosaur footprints
dinosaur footprints
dinosaur footprints
dinosaur footprints


cowboy cookies

cowboy cookies / herthreadedneedle

these cookies are so good, man.
I haven't made them in probably ten years, but the frakes family went to moab over the weekend and I was put in charge of treats.
what is more manly and western and moab-y than COWBOY COOKIES, I ask you?


plus they're delicious.
I learned to make these when I was thirteen. I went to visit Idaho with my grandparents, and while I was there, I stopped by to see our family's favorite missionary and his family. Is this story getting confusing? Anyway his mother (the missionary's) taught me to make these cookies. Her name was Ruth Reynolds, and they lived on a real live ranch, so you know these are authentic western very rustic looking  cookies. Whatever that means. The recipe calls for cornflakes, which sounds weiiiiiird. But they caramelize in the oven and they're awesome.

cowboy cookies
Cowboy Cookies

1 c margarine (I used coconut oil this time and it was spot on, but I've also used shortening)
1 c sugar
1 c brown sugar
2 eggs
2 c flour
1 c coconut
2 c oats
1 1/2 c cornflakes
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla (Ruth's recipe calls for one...I always double the vanilla in any recipe I make)
1 pkg chocolate chips

bake at 375* for 10 minutes
(slightly flatten the top of the cookie before you pop them in the oven)

kid approved


gold stars tutorial

gold star nursery wall / tutorial / herthreadedneedle

 here's a quick rundown on how I did the gold stars in elsie's nursery. 
It was pretty easy and only took an afternoon.

martha stewart paint in "vintage gold" (sold at home depot for under $5)
small paint brush
tape measure

First I created my stencil. This was probably the "hardest" part. By this I mean it wasn't actually hard, but it did take me a minute to get it proportional and the size I wanted. I traced my star on a piece of cardstock and cut out the center to create my stencil. I know they sell actual plasticky material that is made for stencils, but.... lazy. I worked with what I had.

Next I ran to my neighbors to borrow a pencil, because somehow I haven't uncovered the box ours are in. Then I measured to find the exact center of my wall. The wall is 10x8, so I measured 5 feet in from the left and 4 feet down from the top and made a small dot. I placed my stencil over this spot so the dot was in the exact center of my star and traced the star. Then I measured my top and bottom stars above that first start (6" from top and bottom of the wall), and put two more stars in that row (one in between top/bottom star and the center star).

 gold starburst on nursery wall / tutorial / herthreadedneedle

Is this even making sense?
The stars are all roughly 18" apart, but I wasn't hung up on exactness too much. I wanted them to not be perfectly aligned. I measured  18" over from my first star and created my next star (in between the middle and lower star of the previous row). I'm still tracing all my stars at this point. All stars are 18" apart from the one above them, and 3 feet from the closest star on it's same level (two rows over).

gold starburst on nursery wall / tutorial / herthreadedneedle

Once all my stars were traced, I started filling them in with gold paint. I tried placing the stencil over the tracing and filling it in that way, but it was easier and faster to just fill in my pencil marks. This paint dries quickly. I added a thick layer for some texture.

 gold starburst on nursery wall / tutorial / herthreadedneedle

fill them all in (I just did one coat, although I did spot fill a few with a second coat), then step back and admire your work.

 gold starburst on nursery wall / tutorial / herthreadedneedle
gold starburst on nursery wall / tutorial / herthreadedneedle

tip: DON'T leave your toddler unattended with a paint brush, or he'll try to help you. DO have some left over wall paint for touch ups and to cover pencil marks.

 gold starburst on nursery wall / tutorial / herthreadedneedle


elsie's nursery

I'm more than a little bit in love with elsie's nursery. I basically want to spend all my time in here. I wanted a calm and pretty space we could relax in. We're still nursing throughout the day, so we end up sitting up here quite a bit, and it's nice to do it in a pretty space. 

There are a lot of elements in this nursery that have sentimental value. I love old things that have meaning. There's my favorite A Little Princess quote hanging on the wall. There's the photo I took of the pink blooming tree outside our Provo apartment one spring. Tucked into that frame is a sprig of pink flowers dried and saved from the welcome elsie! bouquet my mom brought to the hospital. And hanging on the wall is my first Easter dress and bonnet, with the shoes tucked on the dresser. They're sitting on top of one of my (and my mom's) favorite childhood book series (the bobbsey twins!). They're out of print, and I managed to find three copies at a thrift store several years ago. There's the vase from her baby blessing and a selection of our favorite books. The lamb I chose the week I found out we were pregnant, and the Amish doll we purchased when we knew she was a girl. And the quilt her mimi made her, with fabric we carefully selected from Amish quilt shops.

It's a very special room for us.

But first! The before! Enjoy these two very high quality screenshots from the MLS listing.

herthreadedneedle / before
herthreadedneedle / before
 and now! the after!

baby girl nursery / herthreadedneedle
baby girl nursery / herthreadedneedle
baby girl nursery / herthreadedneedle
baby girl nursery / herthreadedneedlebaby girl nursery / herthreadedneedle
string of pearls in baby nursery
baby girl nursery / herthreadedneedle
mama's vintage dress in baby nursery
baby girl nursery / gallery wall / herthreadedneedle
baby girl nursery / gallery wall / herthreadedneedle
baby girl nursery / gallery wall / herthreadedneedle
baby girl nursery / gallery wall / herthreadedneedle
baby girl nursery / her mama's vintage shoes
baby girl nursery / hair bow storage and book basket / herthreadedneedle
baby girl nursery / hair bow storage / herthreadedneedle
baby girl nursery / herthreadedneedle
baby girl nursery / basket for dolls / herthreadedneedle
baby girl nursery / basket for dolls / herthreadedneedle
baby girl nursery / herthreadedneedle
dresser storage / herthreadedneedle
dresser storage / herthreadedneedle
I knew this room was meant to be when the original drawer liners had gold stars on it too.

nursery / herthreadedneedle
whew. that was a lot of pictures. still with me?

my favorite thing in the room (besides the gold stars...and the dresser) is the rocking chair. I searched and searched before she was born for a rocking chair that was a) comfortable b) looked good and c) wasn't going to cost meeeelions. I'm in love with the one I chose (say no to ugly gliders!). There were lots I liked, but usually they were way expensive. This one didn't break the bank, and will look cute in our bedroom or living room when we finally move it from the nursery. check plus.
(if you're just starting to create your nursery, here's a guide with a few thoughts with an AMEN on the rocker.)

source list :
gold stars- tutorial coming
photo above crib- frame is ikea, print is a scanned postcard of this photograph, printed at staples as a blueprint copy (for less than $2!)
rocker: babyletto madison in slate
quilt: sewn by her grandmother
curtains: ikea
plant: string of pearls in an ikea pot
dresser: vintage french provincial dresser found on craigslist
toy basket: target
working oil lamp: thrifted
dress, bonnet, shoes: vintage
art in gallery wall: handmade by me
frames in gallery wall: all thrifted, except the three smaller rectangles, which are ikea
wire basket: thrifted
purple vase: walmart
pink baby shoes: walmart
three frames w/b&w pictures: ikea