i scream

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so. much. ice cream.

When Luke was just a bit older than Elsie, my dad had a business trip in Chicago. He took an extra day and drove down to spend some time with us. I can't remember where Luke and I were that morning, but we ran some errand, and after, as I was him in the car, he said, "I go i cweam my pop pop? okay, yeah!"
It was 10 am, and I have no idea where he came up with that thought, but he had a plan, and by golly, he wanted some i cweam with his pop pop. Of course my dad obliged, and Luke sat happily eating his ice cream, singing "I cweam with pop pop, i cweam with pop pop".

so now it's like a thing, to get ice cream with grandpop. Elsie loved it too. She could often be seen double fisting two cones she'd conned off grandma and an uncle or even her brother.

these kids were so spoiled.

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utica zoo

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guys, the utica zoo is literally the strangest zoo I've ever seen.
It's gravely/dirt paths through the woods. It looks like you're taking a scenic hike and then boom. you see a fence, and inside the fence, a lion. Or a camel. Or something equally unwoodsy. It's just weird.

zoos are pretty much Luke's favorite thing right now. He just gets so excited looking at and learning about all the animals, and it's fun for my parents to see that. And it's fun for me to see my dad acting extra goofy, doing all the dumb jokes and tricks he'd do when we were little. I remember thinking he was just hysterical, and apparently, so does my son. No one makes him laugh as hard as his grandpop.

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we went to a waterpark

and surprise, elsie was not a fan.
she did love all the arms she was passed around in (and so did I)

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Luke had a blast going down all the water slides and playing in the wave pool with grandpop
but you guys, upstate NY is cold.

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antique fair

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so there's this ginormous antique fair every year in upstate NY. My mom has gone for a few years and scored awesome stuff. I'd be lying if I said we didn't plan the dates of this trip around the fair. My brother was kind enough to watch my kids all day so we could party. I love doing this kind of stuff with my mom. It's just so fun looking around together. Of course, all the vendors thought we were sisters, which always makes me laugh.

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I scored two beautiful vintage nightgowns for Elsie. The kind with pretty hand done lace and they're so old you can read through the fabric. But they were cheap enough and have no sentimental value so she can wear them without worry. I felt even better about buying them later, when we went to another vendor and this lady tried to tell us that these nightgowns were from the 1880's, and you could obviously tell they were brand new- the whitest of white and thick fabric.
  I also found some of those little people, you know, the old small ones we all played with and miraculously didn't choke on? And I sent a picture to travis of this old buffalo head and told him I bought it and would be shipping it home. (there was so much taxidermy! An entire lion! every animal you could imagine!). I thought he would freak out, but he actually believed me and took it pretty well. He was actually sort of excited and when I finally told him I didn't buy it he tried to convince me to go back and get it. ha.


a fake trip to the dentist

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while we were at my parents', I took Luke into my mom's office. I need to get him in to see the dentist soon, but I also know that the chances of him letting a stranger peek inside his mouth is literally zero. So Grandma gave him a ride in her chair, let him see what she looked like wearing her specs and face mask, and introduced him to Mr. Thirsty and Mr. Tickles. He probably still won't let the dentist in his mouth, but it's a start!



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I have VERY strong opinions about preschool, you know, being a teacher and everything, but I was still sad to send my boy off. He's going 2x a week, which isn't even that much, but it felt like the end of an era. The time when we have no schedule, and no where to be. We've been able to run off to the zoo or the park or stay in our jams until 11 and cuddle on the couch, just because we want to. And of course, we still have 3 days a week we can do all that, but he just seems so big!
I want Luke to stay my sweet baby boy forever and always kiss my lips and hold my hand and snuggle close. hashtag motherboy.

anyway, he started and I didn't even cry.
He did though. All of a sudden he has entered this super clingy phase which is weird because he has never ever cared if I was around or not. So we're working on it. 

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We celebrated the night before with one of his favorite meals, sparkling cider (my special juice mama!), cake, and a back to school banner in the dining room.
He really loved his backpack (he slept with it the night before), and wore it all morning.
When he came home, I had his Schultuete ready for him. This is a tradition I've been waiting to pass on since I was little. It's a cone filled with chocolates, usually accompanied by a small toy (I remember getting a barbie one year, and a polly pocket pet shop the next). It's intended to sweeten the taste of education for the child, and is given on the first day of school. My family did this for preschool and kindergarted, although in Germany, I think it is fairly common to get one every year? Anyway. He thought that was pretty rad.


five fact friday

1. Let's talk about the gap. Right now I'm a little bit in love with the gap. a few weeks ago I stocked up on the kids' clothes for next summer, and shirts were 2.99. I went again with my sister in laws for girls night and YOU GUYS. I got a pair of jeans for 3.99, gold leather loafers for 3, shorts and a shirt for 5. A moment of reverence for buying gap jeans for four dollars. probably the greatest deal of my life. Thank you.

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2. We've been running ourselves ragged this month. I'm exhausted. We have crammed so much summer fun into July and it's not over yet.

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3. Elsie has gotten verrrry good at standing. She can even stay strong while brother jumps next to her on the bed. She'll be walking soon! Guess that means I need to buy the girl some shoes.

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4. We also visited a water park last week. Luke's version of heaven is Elsie's idea of hell.

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5. I flew solo with both kids on Wednesday. Nobody died but nobody slept either.