chore chart

just a bonus chore chart. Luke is getting bigger and more capable of chores, so while I shop around and think of larger diy options (more chores!!) I whipped this up to use in the meantime.

 photo chorechart_zpsdfvsteza.jpg
download here

cleaning schedule

I've been getting a lot of comments and questions lately on how I keep my home so clean / is it always this clean?

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 The answer is, honestly, yes. mostly. OBVIOUSLY we get messy and I'm totally not perfect but I'd say about 90% of the time anyway, it's clean :) I was raised by the son of German immigrants who married a very organized woman, so I am used to a clean home and I actually enjoy cleaning.
And for me, I feel calmer and more receptive spiritually as well a more perceptive mother when my home is clean and in order. It frees up so much mental space so that I can focus on my kids- plus I totally don't care if we get messy- paint or legos everywhere- because it's just that mess that needs cleaning after- not that plus the rest of the house. I'm not one of those "good moms have sticky floors", because sticky floors make me cranky mom. It isn't the having the clean floors that makes me a good mom, but having them clean allows me to relax and let go and enjoy my children. Does that even make sense? What I'm saying is that you're a good mom whether your floors are sticky or clean, but I respond better to my kids if all this stuff is taken care of. So for me, this works. Anyway, I decided to share on the blog because I just taught a class on this at my church last week and made up this printable for that.

The schedule helps keep me organized and in order. Each day I have some cleaning task to take care of. I avoid weekends for now, since I like that to be family time. I fully realize that when my kids are older and are in school all day, we will have to have some Saturday chore time, but that time is not yet. Thursday is my catch up day; if I or a child was sick or we ditched home in favor of the zoo or something, I have Thursday to fall back on so I don't get behind. If I am caught up, I choose something in my home to organize- linen closet, tupperware drawer, spice cabinet, kids' outgrown clothes etc. I don't spend more than 45 minutes on cleaning each days task (obviously the daily chores add into that throughout the day).

This is just what works for me- it may not work for everyone. But having a schedule- any schedule- is so helpful! I've been following this schedule just about a year now. It changed  little bit when Luke started school and I like that it can be fluid.There are literally a million different ways to clean, but this has been most effective for me

 photo cleaning schedule copy_zpsv6macfhf.jpg

I won't keep droning on and on about cleaning, snooze, but if you're interested in the printable,
you can download my copy here, or a blank version here


lukie boy

he'll be turning four in a few weeks and every so often, I'll turn the corner and see him doing something...big. And it hits me that he is a real boy now, and not a toddler, and certainly not a baby anymore. His legs are long and gangly (5T pants!) and he can (almost) make his own peanut butter sandwiches (hold the jelly, because that's fruit and fruit is EW). I love this boy.

 photo AF6E69CF-3B0C-4A0B-82FB-76FEAA12D495_zpsufr8lfex.jpg
 photo 99DC4DDA-A8E7-400F-981C-104068C324D2_zpsczjiii8f.jpg
 photo E1518977-084C-43AB-B302-B191F03A6315_zpsic1kq2tr.jpg
 photo 8A39A9E9-51A2-4384-90B1-CFC1FD69766C_zpslnvpbyq7.jpg
 photo 6E57F9C1-D4D3-49F2-BE6C-2C3269FA3E7F_zpsqkoxl3bq.jpg
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living room tour

welllllll, I've finally finished decorating our formal living room. This feels like a triumph, mainly because it's the first thing people see when they come through the door and for many moons it was empty and awkward. It has been so fun to decorate and find furniture and artwork for each room. And paint! After years of renting, it was so nice to put a fresh coat of paint on our walls. And now that this living room is done (and I love it), I am running out of rooms to decorate! I only have our master bedroom and the two upstairs bathrooms left. (not bad at the one year mark!)

herthreadedneedle living room tour

I added some personal artwork to this room. One of my favorites is this little black and white painting Elsie did. I wanted something unique and abstract, but I always over think the things I create. Plus, I feel pretty strongly about displaying my kids' art as "real" framed art in our home. So one morning while Luke was at school, I stripped Elsie down to her diaper, gave her a blank canvas and paint brush, and let her go at it. She was surprisingly deliberate about her brush strokes, and she did a better job than I would have! It's a treasure to have around for sure (and compliments the family portrait Luke painted in our living room...photos coming soon, but you  probably saw it on my instagram @rachfrakes).

herthreadedneedle living room tourherthreadedneedle living room tour 

The F type picture is an inexpensive blueprint copy I printed out at Staples after designing it in Photoshop. The mirror I found at an antique store a few years back while shopping with my mom, and this island print is another one of my favorites.

herthreadedneedle living room tour

 The photo is one I took while we were in Mexico, celebrating Travis' graduation. I ordered the canvas from TinyPrints, and personalized it a little bit with a line from the song Swing Life Away.
  Travis proposed to me under palm trees on the shores of La Jolla, and we were married a few minutes away from that spot in the San Diego temple.The song seemed appropriate since our love story has deep roots in that city, and one day, maybe one day, we'll end up back where the palm trees grow.

herthreadedneedle living room tour

I painted the lyrics directly to the canvas, and then got to work on the frame. It was originally an oak color, and it wouldn't take stain, so I ended up spray painting it white. Then it was too white, so I stained over the white paint, and that was better. It still wasn't quite right, so I added some gold leafing I had laying around to compliment the gold mirror.

herthreadedneedle living room tour
 photo IMG_8515_zpsgdsbmkz4.jpg
 photo IMG_8514_zpsfs2clkap.jpg
herthreadedneedle living room tour

 That green chair is probably my favorite thing in the room. My father in law acquired it several years ago as a bit of temporary furniture while they were in the middle of a move. He thought it was the ugliest thing, but offered it to us because we were poor and newly married and Travis hates it too, but so help me, I WILL NEVER GET RID OF IT. Because it is fantastic, and so comfortable. 

herthreadedneedle living room tourherthreadedneedle living room tour
 photo IMG_8507_zpsrfcqrewl.jpg photo IMG_8584_zpsukny9gun.jpg
couch is from macy's, side table is from target, rug is from rugsusa, curtains are ikea, children are mine

herthreadedneedle living room tour

the sun streams in the the late afternoon, and this couch is our new favorite place to cuddle up with a book before dad comes home. 


valentine's 2015

I couldn't help myself, and I had to have the kids repeat last year's valentine photo. They totally hammed it up for the camera and man. You should have heard the giggles going on. I just love that these photos capture their special relationship. They are the best of friends (and of course, elsie is wearing her ever present beaded necklaces)

 photo C207D2D8-34A1-4712-A30A-915FB5AF3845_zpsc84ye8td.jpg
 photo E218F113-2E57-469D-AF53-7223F13F49B6_zpsvohyqdre.jpg
 photo 1E08FCD6-1045-4CDA-9FB4-27459F8CC4BC_zpslwq1ttdk.jpg
 photo A88F2B57-4FD2-465E-BA32-5ED3160E6877_zpsz1qxogor.jpg
 photo E288054C-E214-4636-8B0E-F87C0D0B57E2_zpsqfzdtnxq.jpg
 photo 63D1F60A-ED9D-4DB2-91F1-EE65EE75D642_zpspkqzlcax.jpg