she's so lucky

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two weeks ago, I had to dash into the store for just ONE thing. I stood at the front of the stifore, debating if I should grab a cart or not, but it was just ONE thing...so I didn't. And I'm so glad. Luke grabbed his sister's hand and said, "mama, jus' don't worry, I'll hold Elsie's hand, I'll a-tect her. Elsie, elsie, come on Elsie. No, no, sweet. Don't touch that. See all the ice cream, Elsie? Come on my heart. Over here. Wet's go."
I died. That elsie is one lucky little sister to have a brother who loves her so much. He is a crazy loud kid, but he knows with her, she needs him to be gentle and quieter.

around here


these are so late, and I am the worst at blogging, and I don't even care.
but here they are, my peter pan and tiger lily.
peter pan has been a pretty popular game over here. Daddy is the crocodile, and mama is mr. smee and luke is captain hook and elsie is peter pan. and the crocodile is the worst bad guy of them all.

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I took a few photos of the play room at the beginning of the summer, and never posted them. It's had a few changes since then (I've removed the rug, and added the antique doll cradle elsie slept in as a newborn and filled it with my childhood dollies, to name a few), but still thought I'd share.
We love having a space for all their toys. My house stays so much cleaner.

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